Roero: le Rocche e i Castelli

  • 3/5
  • 50km
  • 1320m
  • 5/6 h
  • March - October
  • 50% - 50%

Due to the clayey bottom characteristic of the area, following a significant precipitation, it’s advisable to allow a few days to pass for the path to return to cycling (2-4 days on average).


Departure from Mussotto D'Alba (147m a.s.l.), part of the municipality of Alba.
The first 5km are on a slight slope to climb on asphalt, but then start the real climb of about 3.5km that leads to the first village of the day: Monticello d'Alba (320m a.s.l.).
The castle overlooking the town is private, like most of those in the area, but can be visited on weekends.
Another valuable element is the church of San Ponzio, located on a cobbled square with a panoramic point from which to look out.
We continue the tour leaving Monticello and then tackling the first stretch of dirt road, however wide and flowing, among the vineyards.
A few stretches uphill with postcard views and we take a fun technical descent with some obstacles and gully. We come to Corneliano d'Alba (204m above sea level), a "valley" municipality, where we can appreciate the arch placed on a gateway to the town, the dodecagonal tower and the Parish of SS. Gallo and Nicolò.
We continue to climb a steep road first in asphalt and then on a dirt road, where at the top we find the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Boschi, a quiet place of peace. We go down an easy dirt road and after a small stretch of flat cycle path we reach Vezza d'Alba (313m a.s.l.).
The most interesting and historic portion is located at the highest point of the town, so you have to climb for about 1.5km on asphalt, to arrive in a square where 2 churches and the town hall overlook. You can still go up to admire the fortress, where there are the remains of an ancient tower, the last testimony of what was once a medieval castle.
We go down on asphalt, to go and take a steep climb on a beaten earth of 1km that ends on a panoramic square. Here we find the remains of a hexagonal tower and the giant white bench from which to admire the surrounding landscape. The next 3.5km are on a fun dirt road, with rewarding passages to drive and some short uphill stretches.
We continue to climb on asphalt for about 1.5km up to Castellinaldo D'Alba (285m a.s.l.), a wonderful village that offers visitors several prestigious buildings and a suggestive Belvedere. A short descent follows and you soon return to pedaling uphill, towards Magliano Alfieri (328m a.s.l.). They are just under 3km to get to the village, but necessary to admire the castle (which houses 2 museums, which can be visited on weekends), the parish of Sant'Andrea and the panoramic balcony with a view halfway between Langhe and Roero.
We repeat the last segment in the opposite direction (this time downhill!) To go and take the last roughness of the tour: 4km challenging, but suggestive and panoramic, with spectacular "ridge" sections immersed in the rows. We then reach the highest point of the tour, with an elevated view compared to the last village of the day: Guarene (360m a.s.l.).
The imposing castle that overlooks the town immediately catches the attention, but once you reach the center we also discover the church of San Michele, the church of SS Annunziata and the Poggiolo, a panoramic balcony overlooking the Tanaro valley.
The remaining 4.5km that are missing from the end are downhill on slightly sloping asphalt, and allow you to enjoy the magnificent surrounding landscape.


Mussotto D'Alba (frazione) - Monticello D'Alba - Corneliano D'Alba - Vezza D'Alba - Castellinaldo D'Alba - Magliano Alfieri - Guarene


Parrocchia Natività di Maria Vergine - Castello di Monticello - San Ponzio - Torre decagonale - L'arco - Parrocchia SS. Gallo e Nicolò - Madonna dei boschi - Rocca del castello - Parrocchia San Martino - Chiesa San Bernardino - Museo naturalistico del roero - Torion - Panchina gigante bianca n°5 - Cappella San bovo - Castello Damiano - Enoteca comunale - Chiesa parrochiale di San Dalmazzo - Castello degli Alfieri di Magliano - Belvedere di Magliano - Parrocchia di Sant'Andrea - Castello di Guarene - Il Poggiolo - Chiesa di San Michele - Chiesa della SS. Annunziata